Uniquely Powerful Remedies for Pain

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· Breaks down neuro-toxins

· Anti-histamine

· Anti-inflammatory

· Anti-analgesic


We have used Silphitrin topically for the following:

  1. Sprain/Sprains
  2. Crack ribs
  3. Teething
  4. Poison Ivy
  5. Muscle Pain

ammoniaNeuro-Antitox II Musculo-Skeletal™ ACV
Neuro-Antitox II Musculo-Skeletal is for those suffering primarily from muscle and joint problems from lyme toxins and heavy metals. It is available in both an ethanol and an apple cider vinegar base (ACV). The ACV based version gives you a few extra benefits and is great for people whose bodies’ cannot handle alcohol.

Indications: Muscle and joint pain and weakness, and sensations in the extremities of burning, tingling, radiating pain, swelling, arthritic and rheumatic conditions.
One way we suggest applying it is heating up the affected area from a shower or with a heating pad then applying the remedy topically and rubbing it in.


“Jernigan Neuro Antitox- turned me from chronic fatigue to running a non-profit and working 17 hour days, THANK YOU!”

-Catherine R.

“Saving my life, goodbye nausea and other symptoms down in 24 hours!”

-Claire C.